Chances are that you've heard a myth or two about podiatry, so we would like to share our favourite foot care myths and facts to help our patients recognise when a trip to one of our clinics is needed

Duct tape is great for removing warts and verrucae

This is not always an effective treatment as warts and verrucae are caused by a specific type of virus, which means they can be quite deep inside the skin.

Only senior citizens need to see a podiatrist

Foot problems can occur at any time, you don’t have to be a certain age to see a podiatrist to check your foot health.

Heel pain goes away on its own

This is not always the case, heel pain can be caused by numerous biomechanical dysfunctions or a trauma-related injury. If left untreated, heel pain can reoccur or even develop into more painful conditions.

Corns have roots

Corns are caused due to an uneven distribution of pressure or friction on the sole of the foot, on or in-between the toes. They are made of keratin cells, which also makes up your hair and skin.

Ingrowing toenails go away on their own

Our nails are a form of protection for the ends of our toes which can sometimes grow into the skin due to a poor nail cutting technique or repeated use of inappropriate footwear. Ignoring an ingrowing toenail can lead to infection.

A podiatrist is more qualified than a chiropodist

The title “podiatrist” replaced “chiropodist” in the 1990s. You must complete a three-year university course in podiatric medicine to become a qualified podiatrist.

People with diabetes can’t cut their own toenails

Having diabetes can put you at a greater risk of other health conditions if not treated correctly. However, this does not mean that you can’t cut your own toenails - a podiatrist will advise you on how to correctly cut your toenails if you are unsure.

I only have a touch of diabetes

You either have diabetes or you don’t have diabetes. Diabetes is a serious medical condition which can cause life-changing effects on your body if it is not controlled effectively.

I can't have sugar because I have diabetes

You can still have food containing sugar if you have been diagnosed with diabetes but you must follow a healthy, balanced diet and eat any foods with high sugar content in moderation.

People with diabetes can't feel their feet

Loss of sensation in the feet, also referred to as peripheral neuropathy, can occur when diabetes is very poorly controlled or when specific medication for diabetes is used incorrectly over a period of time.

Prevention is better than cure

Having regular foot treatment can prevent foot pain or the development of preventable medical complications, such as infection or ulceration.

Putting the right cream on your feet can help dry skin

Many people complain about dry skin on their feet and there are many different types of cream available to help stop this becoming a problem.

Wearing suitable shoes can make your feet feel better

It is very important to wear shoes which fit your feet comfortably - you might benefit from getting your feet measured next time you are shoe shopping. Try not to wear shoes that are too tight or narrow as this can not only cause discomfort but it can also lead to unwanted hard skin or corns.

Your feet are a very important part of your body

We all need our feet to get around, whether that's walking, running or driving a car. Life is very busy nowadays, so it's important to make sure that your feet are well looked after so that you can keep up with your busy schedule!


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